Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Over extending myself AGAIN.

I have a really bad habit of pushing myself and over-extending myself on days that I feel OK. Then, I pay for it later. Well, I'm paying for it. My son is really getting on me today about learning to pace myself. He is such a good kid, he really does his best to get me to sit down and pace myself, but at the same time try to get in some light exercise.
Yesterday, I had an afternoon appointment with an Avon representative. She was coming to my house, so of course I wanted to make sure everything was in order. That part was easy enough, until my husband decided it would be a good day to do some laundry. I wanted to kill him. My washer is in my kitchen, so we have to seperate the clothes on the living room floor. When I came out of the shower and saw piles of laundry on the floor I flipped my lid. He promised me he would get it all cleaned back up before she got here, and he did. But, I had to go nuts and try to help him get as much of it out of the way as possible.
The meeting went really well, My husband and I decided to start an Avon business to bring in some extra money. The bills are coming in before we get the paychecks these days. Hopefully this will help us a little.
Today, I was really tired and all I wanted to do was sleep, and I also woke up with a lot of pain. I took a short nap, but then I had to go on-line and get the Avon web-site all set up. It took alot more work than I thought it would. I also took my oldest son to a job interview today. I should say I went with him and sat in the car. He only has a learners permit, so he needs a lisenced driver to go with him. I also had to maintain the regular household chores.
Put all this together, and I am one big wreck. My entire body aches as well as my head. I feel exhausted and just want to sleep. I can't go to bed until 10 PM, after my husband gets up and leaves for work.
I also wanted to make sure I popped in here to post something since I didn't get on yesterday.
Hopefully, I will have something positive or of some interest to post soon.
Soft Hugs to All.
Laurie D.


  1. Aw Laurie, I do the exact same thing. It seems like everytime I have a good day I end up pushing myself too far and then having some really rough days. I hope your on the mend and feeling better today.

  2. Hi Laurie~ I also suffer with FMS/CFS, saw your posting on the Forums of the Facebook FMA discussion boards. Thought I'd have a look at your blog..........Just read this posting so far, I can relate, to the over-doing! I have no children, & 1 cat ( she's all I can handle~ She's 17 , & a handfull these days!! ) Glad to read your blog, Will try to continue to do so ! Blessing to you Laurie~

  3. Thank you both for the care and concern, and also for reading my blog and leaving comments. I really appreciate it.
    Soft Hugs to You
    Laurie D