Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stop the world, I wan't to get off!!!

How's the song go? It was late September.....Oh what a night! Well, it is mid October...Oh what a night and a day!
First, last night, and then again this morning, Fibro-fog got the best of me. I let it get to me and it took hold and wouldn't let go. My husband works the over-night shift. His paycheck goes in midnight wed/thur so basically 12:01Am Thurs. I gave him a list of things we need (he works at wal-mart, it's financially dangerous for us). I woke up at 4:30 in the morning (just one of the many wake-ups last night), but at that time, I couldn't remember what day it was. I was so confused and disoriented, I thought it was Tuesday and I thought I had given him the note on the wrong night and he would go shopping and over-draw the account. I called him in a panic. When he told me it was OK, that it was Thurs morning, I started to cry like a baby. I got so upset. I am, or was, a very intelligent woman. I am very proud of the fact that I went to a premier, girls only, high school in Phila. that you have to have a certain IQ and pass several tests to get into. Now, I feel like a babbling, bumbling idiot. I hate that this is taking my mind away. I can't remember what day it is. I call my kids by my cat's names, I can't speak an entire sentence without stammering to think of the next word I want to use. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I am throwing a temper tantrum.
To make matters worse, and I am requesting that you all boy-cot Wachovia Bank, I went to check the bank this morning, and most of my husband pay is already gone. Not enough left to pay the car payment and buy food for 2 weeks, or even food for a few days. I found out that Wachovia has certain policies that were not explained when we opened our account. You are supposed to read through the 20 page document that is in little tiny print, full of legal jargon that most lawyers can't understand. Here is what happened. Deep Breath! I follow and post in my check registery religiously. I know that my mind is going, so I carry it with me, and as soon as we make a purchase or write a check, I write it in my registry, get out my calculator, and write in the new balance. That is what I go by to determine what we can spend. Well, just an FYI, that is not the way Wachovia posts to your account. They don't post transactions in chronological order. They post from highest amount to lowest amount and, purchases get posted before deposits. So, on Tues. we had a small amount in the bank, I made 3 very small purchases, (ex: $1.10 for my prescription co-pay) I marked them all in my registry, leaving us with about $6.00 left in the bank. We then made 2 credit purchases which have not yet hit our account. Last night, my husband made a purchase at about 12:15. We should be good, his check goes in at midnight. NOOOOOO! Our beginning balance was 6 something, they posted the 25 something purchase that he made last night first, over drawing our account. then they posted the 3 purchases we made on the 13th, now we have 4 over drafts, then they considered the 2 credit purchases (which are not posted to our account, they are in a holding pattern) as over drafts, then hit us with $175.00 in fees, THEN put my husbands pay check in the bank. I spent over 4 hours on the phone with different people, arguing with them because they tell you to "carefully follow your register", but they don't post that way. They said this was not a bank error, it is my error because I should have paid attention to the "past patterns" of the way Wachovia posts their accounts and I would have known that they post highest to lowest because they assume that the highest amount is the most important purchase you've made, so they pay that first. I told them that the 25.00 that my husband spent last night is the least important, but that $1.10 is the most important because that was paying for my medication. I have insurance so I don't have to pay alot for medicine, but now my meds have cost me 36.10 rather than 1.10 because they are ASSES!! I kept asking for the next highest supervisor, and one woman told me there was no one higher than her. I asked her if she signs her own paychecks. She wouldn't answer me, so I kept asking her that and finally she said "No", so I said fine, I want the person who signs your paycheck. The president, the CEO, anyone who has authority to refund those fees. She refused to put me through to her supervisor. With that, I hung up, called the Attorney Generals office, explained the situation, they referred me to the consumer protection department and I filed a complaint against them. Next, I have to send notice to Wachovia's corporate office to inform them of the complaint. I needed to vent first before I deal with any more of this so I came here.
I don't need this stress. It's cold, rainy, I'm in pain, I've had a toothache for 3 days now, I've used 2 full tubes of ora-gel and this is making me feel worse.
We have had more problems with Wachovia in the 6 months that we have had them, then we ever had in the years that we were with Commerce. We changed when they became TD, because they changed their policies about the accounts we had.
I will NEVER recommend Wachovia to anyone. I will tell them to run as far in the opposite direction as they can.
That is why I want to get off, so could someone please find the brakes for the earths orbit and stop it, just for a few seconds while I get off.

Soft Hugs to All
Laurie D.

I hope you are all having a better day than I am.

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