Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can't call out sick, Part 2

As I posted in my original blog "Can't call out sick from this job", no matter how we feel, we must always be on duty.

Yesterday, my pain levels were off the chart, and Chronic Fatigue had a very tight grip on me. I spent most of my day in bed.

Now, I need to back track.
About a week ago, my 17 year old son was playing football, and got tackled and his knee hurt or about a day. Then this Sunday, he was playing football again, and got tackled right at the knees and this time, his knee not only really hurt, but it swelled up as well. Since he was able to walk on it, we decided to ice his knee, have him keep the leg elevated for a while and we would make a decision from there.

Yesterday, his knee was no better. Finally, we made the decision to take him to the ER. So, it didn't matter how much pain I was in, or how tired I was, I had to get dressed, pull myself together and go to the ER to take care of my son.
After they X-rayed his knee, they told us his knee cap was fractured. Split right down the middle. However, the doctor said it looked like an old fracture, and not like something that had recently happened. While discussing this with the doctor, my son reminded me of another time about a year and a half ago, he was playing football (on concrete) and he busted his knee open. When we went to the ER that time, they never did an x-ray, they just cleaned up the knee and sutured the cut. After telling the doctor about this last night, she felt that this is most likely when he originally fractured the knee, and the hits he took over the past week or so aggravated it.
They immobilized his leg, gave him crutches, and tomorrow we have to take him to see an Ortho doc.
To add insult to injury, he is scheduled to take his drivers exam tomorrow morning, and it is his right knee that he hurt. He is insisting that if he has been able to walk around with a fractured knee cap for more than a year, he can tolerate it for another 15 or 20 minutes to take his test. He REALLY wants his drivers lisence.
I haven't made my final decision yet on whether or not I will let him take the test.
Between both of my sons, I have appointments every day for the next week. Like I said, "You just can't call out sick from this job!"
Soft Hugs to All
Laurie D.


  1. You are right Laurie, this is one job that doesnt allow sick days. No matter how crappy we are feeling we need to pull it together and push through for our families. Sorry to hear your son fractured his kneecap. That sounds so painful. Im not sure what to suggest for the drivers test. I remember being that age and I wouldnt want anything to stop me either. But as a mom, we need to look at the pros and cons. Say a few prayers and let God lead you to the right answer.

  2. This is a tough question, and only you will know the answer to this one.
    Prayers are with you, and I know that you will come to the right decision.
    Thinking of you.