Friday, December 4, 2009

Rough Week.

I was going to try to take the challenge of posting something everyday, but it has been a rough week. I posted before that I have "Job Syndrome" lol. Well, the devil had fun messing with me this week.

First,I picked up my husbands prescriptions, the next day the pharmacy called and said I didn't pay for them. HUH? How did I not pay for them? I can barely walk, I have a cane, so anyone can tell that I couldn't climb over the counter, search through their files, find his prescriptions, put them in a bag, climb back over the counter and RUN off! I went in to find out what was going on (I also had to pick up one of my prescriptions.) Apparently, the woman at the register forgot to press "1" button to charge the purchase to my debit card. Next, I asked for my prescription and the pharmacist informed me that my insurance would not cover it. They sent a message that my insurance had been cancelled as of 11/30/09. Again, Huh?

I called Mediare, there was no problem there, they said Keystone65 dropped me. I called them, at first, they could find no reason for it being dropped, they would look into it and call me back. 2 days later I called them back. They said that I no longer had medicare part B. when I told them I already talked to medicare and I DO have part B, they filed a grievance for me, but could not tell me how long that will take to be resolved. In the meantime I have an automatic prescription delivery due in 4 days, I have no insurance and the meds cost $125.00 that I don't have.

Then, I think I posted before that one of my cats had been sick. I finally got a vet to see her as an emergency and I had a coupon for a free health exam and they let me use that to bring her in. She has a uterine infection called Pyometra. Her uterus is filled with puss. Right now, the cervix and the vulva are still open and she is draining the puss, but eventually they will close and her body will try to filter the infection through her kidneys and they will shut down. I have 3 options and all three of them were followed with the words, Most likely, probably and will. not survive. I left there crying like a baby. My cats are like my children to me. And this one especially. No matter where I am, she is with me. She follows me everywhere. She even follows me into the bathroom and drives me crazy until I let her come up and sit on my lap. That's how attached she is to me.
I have been calling around, and most vets want $1,000.00 to do the surgery. So far I found a vet that will charge me $250.00 and an organization that has vets who work with them to help people who cannot afford to spay their cats and they are trying to find one who will help me with this surgery. So PLEASE pray for my cat "Puppy".

Today, we ran out of Oil, and we had no money in the bank. I was going to pay my water bill (I have a shut off notice) but we had to use the money to get oil and we have to post date a check and they will cancel the shut off.

20 days left until christmas and I haven't even gotten 1 present for my kids yet. Things just keep happening that are costing and arm and a leg and we don't have the money. I have been so upset and depressed. That is probably why I have migraines, pain and feel tired and sick all the time.

I had a problem with my last Avon order, my son almost had a car accident last night and came home white as a ghost and shaking, the car insurance, car payment and rent are all due and that's  just a part of it.

I don't know what we are going to do, or how we are going to give my kids (especially my 11 year old) Christmas this year. The older ones understand, he says he does, but I don't think he fully grasps it. He keeps having dreams that he wakes up on Christmas morning and there is nothing under the tree and the dreams really upset him.

Please, Please, Please, pray for a miracle for my family.

Soft Hugs to All
Laurie D.

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